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You Likely Know a Tissue Transplant Recipient

More than 2.5 million tissue transplant surgeries are performed every year in the U.S. In fact, one in 20 Americans will require some type of tissue transplant each year due to injuries, disease or surgical reconstruction. There are many different ways tissue can be used to heal people.

  • Bones icon


    Rebuild limbs after an injury or disease preventing amputation

  • Hospital Icon

    tendons & ligaments

    Repair knee and ankle injuries from cancer, trauma, joint disease or arthritis

  • Icon of a Heart

    heart valves

    Mend damaged valves in life-saving surgeries for children and adults with heart disease

  • Arteries and veins icon

    arteries & veins

    Restore blood flow, prevent amputation and are used in heart bypass surgery

  • Skin icon


    Heals burns and aids in reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy

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    Learn More about Organ and Tissue Donation

    Why Donate?
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Help People Heal

Most People Can Be Tissue Donors After Life

Just one donor can affect the lives of more than 75 people in need of restorative tissue.