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Donor Network West Airs Daring Organ Donation Commercial

The campaign presents TV viewers with The Choice

(San Ramon, CA) June 26, 2019 – An edgy commercial now airing on television networks and streaming services across Northern and Central California is changing the narrative about organ donation by focusing on those who die waiting for a transplant. The campaign is by Donor Network West, the federally designated organ procurement organization for Northern California and Nevada.

For over three decades, Donor Network West has connected a donor’s gift to those in need for transplants. The 60-second television spot, which launched on June 24 and runs through August, features a man in a hospital bed surrounded by eight individuals of various ages and ethnic backgrounds. As the patient’s heart monitor flatlines, the people around him disappear one by one from the scene.

“Every day people die waiting for an organ transplant. Eight lives lost or saved. Your choice,” reads the closing graphic. The commercial strongly identifies the fact that one organ donor has the power to save eight lives.

Twenty-two people die every day in the United States waiting for an organ transplant. The tone of the television commercial, introduces a sense of urgency by putting the decision to save a life in the hands of the viewers.

“The power to give a second chance to someone in need lies within each of us. Saving lives is a choice we can all make by registering as organ and tissue donors,” says Janice F. Whaley, Chief Executive Officer for Donor Network West.

The commercial directs viewers to visit, the campaign’s official landing page, where they can register to become organ donors and learn additional facts about donation.

More than 10,000 people are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant in Donor Network West’s service area. Visit or your local DMV to register as a donor.

June 26, 2019